"I provide a nurturing space for women 50+ to create empowered minds, balanced bodies, and joyful spirits so that they can live active, pain-free lives".


Staying Healthy Costs Far Less Than Getting Sick.
Let Me Show You How To Get Free of Pain, Find your Sparkle, And Love Your Life Again With Regular Self-Care Practices That Work!

Stuck in "Blah"?  Find out how you can get your sparkle back with my free guide!

How to drop the nonsense, and do what actually matters.  

About The Inspire Studio

Empowered Minds!     Balanced Bodies!        Joyful Spirits!

Whether you’ve come looking for wellness advice because a past failed experience has let you down, you don’t take favorably to the “rest and painkillers” option that is nearly always advised by the doctor, or you’re very health-conscious and already know that intelligent guidance and next-level self-care is your best option, you‘re about to enjoy the same transformation in your health as hundreds of others who have seen proven results in their ability to build emotional strength, find physical balance, and get their spark back faster than they ever thought possible.

About  Anna Bennett, MS

"What if you believed that the best was still yet to come?"

Feel like something's off? Like you're stuck in a midlife funk? I help amazing midlife women and beyond who are ready to get excited about their lives again. Is this you? Now that you’re older, you know something's missing and has to change but aren’t sure where to start. As a woman in the middle, you deserve to find your power, finally enjoy balance, and to make space for genuine joy!

I have degrees, trainings, licenses, & certifications galore, and you can read all those exciting acronyms by clicking the  button  below.  However, I don't think any of that is nearly as important as knowing that I truly feel your frustration, I sincerly care about getting you pain-free, and that I'll have the tools to get you there.  P.S. If I don't...I won't waste your time pretending I do.  How refreshing is that.

You don't have to be stuck in the middle, but rather this can be the beginning of a beautiful love story with yourself. No kidding!  Click the  button below to learn more about my own journey from total nutjob-stressball, to pain-free-yogini- bodyworker-professional cupcake eater who is loving my own wonderful, 100% magical mid-life journey...


Step 1

Blech.  You're ready for a change, but would like to learn more.  Let's schedule a time to chat!

Step 2

I'll do a thorough intake and find out where you're coming from, what your needs are, and I'll determine exactly how I can help.

Step 3

I'll get you on your way by providing excellent mobility, bodywork, and a wellness roadmap that supports your vibrant future!


See what others have to say!

"Absolute Heaven...No Joke. The Best I've Felt In Years."

Barbara has struggled with injuries and pain for years, but treatments at the Inspire Studio helped her get her finally get pain-free!  Listen to her story here.

"If I Could, I'd Do This Every Friggin' Week, It's So Powerful!"

Meredith Ann, 79, stays limber and strong with regular bodywork and health coaching at the Inspire Studio.  Hear her story about how Thai Mobility Massage provides her with the perfect support for everything she loves to do.

"My Balance Was Much Better, And After The Second Session I Saw A Lot Of Relief.  I Feel Fantastic After Each Session!"

Chris has a family, a busy schedule, and he loves to play golf.  Staying healthy throughout his 50's is very important to him, and treatment at The Inspire Studio helps keep him in the game.

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