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A lovely client of mine recently expressed that she loved her massage, but that she felt a little guilty for being self-indulgent.

That got me to thinking that perhaps, some people have entirely the wrong idea about the value of massage.

Treatments are so much more than an “indulgence”, even if your only intent is to deeply relax. Bodywork is an extremely supportive physiological health practice that reaps all kinds of lasting benefits.  In fact, I have seen so many clients transform their state of well-being with a consistent focus on this kind of health care.

Here is a rather short list of just some of the things that massage offers with regular intervals:

  • Mobility is critical to your entire system because one of its primary functions is to pump and move fluids.  Your body will operate better when sore, overworked muscles are restored.  Thai Mobility Massage is fantastic for this.
  • Massage supports healthy organ and endocrine function as a result of a relaxed nervous system and manual promotion of circulation.  Diminished swelling and edema over time are additional benefits that are frequently seen.
  • Your body may sleep more deeply and hence enjoy a supported immune system.
  • Massage can help to eliminate problematic headaches.
  • The body will be supported with enhanced recovery from surgeries or medical procedures.
  • The body’s Meridians, Sen Lines, and Energy systems are activated and stimulated, particularly with Thai Mobility Massage, which can improve health at more foundational levels.
  • The body and mind will enjoy far better resiliency because it is routinely put at ease (p.s. the body and the mind are one and the same).

Here are THREE ways massage can significantly enhance your health that you might not have thought about:

1.  Your body is mostly water, and your muscles and bones are geared to keep your water systems clean and moving. This is hugely important for overall health and immunity.

The body’s lymphatic system is akin to a one-way drainage system and is the superhighway for protective white blood cells. Poor lymph flow leads to a nasty build-up of toxins within the tissues. Therapeutic massage moves and supports your body’s cleaning systems. The lymphatic system in particular is vital for protecting the body from diseases and infections. Guess what supports your lymphatic and circulatory systems beautifully? That’s right!  Massage.  Other things do too, like a cleaner diet and healthy exercise.  But, massage is way more fun.

2.  Massage feels good to people for a reason: because healthy humans have a genuine need for touch.

Most healthy bodies love getting Therapeutic Massage, and that is no accident. As humans, we are all biologically wired for receiving touch and actually require it to thrive. Restorative, respectful therapeutic bodywork soothes the nervous system like nothing else, creating space for restoration, connection, and healing. This concept is no small thing. In truth, most bodies will heal themselves when we remove obstacles like fatigue, stress, and disconnection.  Massage is a beautiful way to give yourself this much-needed therapeutic advantage.

Humans are wired for touch!

3.  If you are over 50, you need to start prioritizing self-care religiously, and massage is the perfect way to do that.

Past mid-life, achieving regular, deep restoration is now of far greater importance.  Recovery time often dramatically increases for physical exertions and injuries can take longer to heal. If you add additional challenges to that like menopause, andropause, surgeries, life events, autoimmune, etc., you can understand why regular maintenance becomes so much more important.  

Life can be stressful, but for a person over 50, chronic overload can actually start to kill. Regular massage will help to restore your energy, keep you feeling more supple, and create resilience. 

That being said, consider the ways in which these years should be the very best of your life.  There are possibilities in this phase of that were not previously available in our younger years.  We have earned financial stability.  We have earned true wisdom and can flourish in our pursuits of what is truly important.  Relationships can deepen as we connect with our own basic goodness.  The possibilities for spiritual expansion and creativity are maximally primed, and the body provides a fantastic vehicle for exploration.

This life, these bodies, are precious gifts.  Embrace them with the love and care they deserve.  Let’s make therapeutic massage a regular part of your self-care so you can enjoy vibrant lives that sparkle with good health!

Yours In Wellness,

Anna Bennett, MS, LMT 

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**I would love to hear your thoughts!  How has Massage been a game-changer in your life?