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A lovely client of mine whom I see very sporadically recently expressed that she loved her massage but that she felt a little “guilty” for such self-indulgence. 

Cue the soapbox.

Massage is not an “indulgence” folks! It is a fully life-affirming health practice that reaps all kinds of lasting benefits to the body. I have seen clients galore transform their health by simply making self-care their biggest priority. Here is a rather short list of just some of the things that massage offers with regular and consistent practice:

  • You will feel glorious when you restore muscles that are sore and overworked.
  • You may sleep more deeply and hence greatly enhance your immune system.
  • Help to eliminate your headaches.
  • You may see improved general circulation, which could mean diminished swelling and edema over time.
  • You will enjoy a considerably improved range of motion, so you move and feel better. Thai Mobility Massage is fantastic for this.
  • Often enhanced recovery from surgeries or medical procedures.
  • You become a fabulous, more resilient person because you feel at ease more often! Feeling “chillaxed” also means enhanced patience for the rest of those nim-nims out there…ultimately resulting in far fewer homicides.See?  Massage saves lives and keeps you out of jail!
    I kid. But not really.  Keep reading.

Here are THREE ways massage can significantly enhance your health that you might not have thought about:

1. Your body is mostly water. Massage gets your body’s “creeks and rivers” moving along, and that’s hugely important for overall health and immunity.

The body’s lymphatic system is akin to a one-way drainage system and is the superhighway for protective white blood cells. Poor lymph flow leads to a nasty build-up of toxins within the tissues. Therapeutic massage moves your body’s water, keeping its natural cleaning and defense system supported. The lymphatic system is vital in protecting the body from diseases and infections. Guess what supports your lymphatic and circulatory systems beautifully? That’s right!  Massage.

Humans are wired for touch!

2. Massage feels good to most people for a reason: because humans have a natural need for touch.

Most healthy bodies love getting Therapeutic Massage, and that is no accident. As humans, we are all biologically wired for receiving touch and require it to thrive. Restorative, respectful therapeutic bodywork soothes the nervous system like nothing else, creating space for rebuilding, connection, and healing. This concept is no small thing in the overall consideration of what it takes to move from sickness to health. In truth, most bodies will heal themselves when we remove obstacles like fatigue, stress, and disconnection.

3. If you are over 50, you need to start prioritizing self-care religiously, and massage is the perfect way to do that.

Achieving regular, deep restoration is now of far greater importance than it was when you were younger. Recovery time often dramatically increases for physical exertions. If you add additional issues onto that like menopause, andropause, surgeries, life events, autoimmune, etc., etc., you can count on needing to change up your game plan.

Life can be stressful, but for a person over 50, overload can start to kill. Regular massage will keep you youthful, more supple, healthier, and far more resilient as you move through what should be the very best years of your life.

We gleefully pay for expensive cell phones, Ipads, vacations, restaurants, manicures, cable TV, luxury car payments, etc., but it’s time to feel as good as you should about investing in the one thing you must have in place to enjoy it all…

Your Health.

I promise you, invest in your health now, and you’re far less likely to spend it later on managing your illness. Let’s make therapeutic massage a regular part of your self-care and know that you have chosen something with real and lasting value that benefits your body, mind, and spirit, and it’s 100% guilt-free. 

Yours In Good Health,

Anna Bennett, MS, LMT 

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