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In the US, we really don’t have an issue with work ethic. In fact, in most of my years as a personal trainer, I’ve rarely met the truly lazy individual that sits on the couch all day long. Most of us are actually quite harried with family responsibilities, keeping long work schedules, and piling on more more more. I saw my clients frequently beating themselves up over binging (usually due to stress, anxiety, and fatigue) and struggling with fixing that.

After nearly 30 years of fitness experience, I’m come to what I’m sure will be a controversial conclusion about health.

Exercise and food are both important elements. Still, they are further down the list regarding the actual impact on health, next to the need for deep, restorative rest and keeping stress levels within healthy ranges. But it is still pounded into our heads that the magic formula is:

“5-7 days per week of cardio, weightlifting, or hauling tractor tires across a parking lot and munching on an organic, whole foods diet based entirely on either plants or meat.”  

Seriously, I can’t wait for the <“Vegan vs. Keto”> cage match on cable. For extra giggles, check out my blog on this.

Where was I? Oh yes…

Prolonged, chronic, unrelenting stress will kill you long before that cupcake will. (See “Go Ahead, Eat The Cupcake”) <LINK TO CUPCAKE ARTICLE>**please note that having that cupcake PLUS engaging in prolonged, chronic, unrelenting stress will likely kill you faster than both separately. But I digress.

So, where can we begin? Good news. It’s not on a Stairmaster. The most healing solution for most of us over the age of 50 will be constructively doing LESS stupid stuff, not MORE.

Behold, Ladies, and Gentlemen. I bring you


Here’s the recipe that I use:

1. I downloaded an App on my iPhone called “Interval Timer.” The App looks like this:

2. Set it up for 10 minutes. (*obviously, any ol’ timer will do, but this one is just super easy.) Take one often and regularly as needed.

Boom. You’re done. Now, take your bath by:

3. Sitting in a comfortable chair, sitting on a cushion, or lying on your back. Turn EVERYTHING off (except your timer, of course), close your eyes, and simply paying attention to your breath. Don’t do anything now, but simply allow your body to come down. This is also where you can apply my super-handy SINK TEST” to see if you are ridiculously too tired all of the time…in which case your prescription is more silence bathing.

It’s just for 10 Minutes. Is that so hard? For many of you, probably, because you’re neurotic little stress-balls. But here’s why you should make this fantastic time a regular thing for yourself:

The body heals when it reaches deeper states like those seen in the Theta stages of sleep. Our brains have 5 fundamental frequencies: Beta, Gamma, Alpha, Theta, and Delta, and we usually use them one at a time. However, one frequency tends to be dominant, depending on whatever your circumstances are.  In the phase of deep meditation, sleep, or hypnosis, that dominant wave is the ThetaResearchers point to this frequency as having the ability to lower stress and anxiety, restore the equilibrium of the nervous system, enhance mental clarity and creativity, minimize stress ache, and increase euphoria. With regular and more profound meditation practices, the brain can enter this wave within minutes. Sort of exciting to think of all that healing potential, isn’t it? Here. I’ll give you a minute to process all of that.

I believe that this may be where and how your body can heal most significantly. Not from another Diet Plan. Not on another “steppy-step-step” thing at the gym.

But right here, sitting on your behind or lying on that fabulous cushion looking like a big pile of laundry.


You’re Welcome.

Anna Xoxo