• Improved Circulation
  • Improved Strength, Flexibility, & Balance
  • Improved Range of Motion
  • Better Sleep
  • Better resilience to adversity, grief, and illness


  • Improved Decision Making (because you're not on autopilot)
  • Improved Relationships (because you make wiser decisions)
  • Weight Management (because you are fully present)
  • Stress Management (because you learn to release it)
  • High Regard for Yourself (because you learn the art of being nice)

There are multiple brands of yoga to choose from out there. My yoga instruction centers around the application of mindfulness for the individual. Western Yoga can be little more than a collection of simple stretches, but I think you would be shortchanging yourself to stay limited to it’s most diluted form. A personal practice of mindful yoga can not only improve strength, flexibility, posture, and breathing patterns, but it can also move you into the pilot’s seat of your life. Many of us seek a mini-getaway in the beginning, but regular yoga practice brings you more fully into the rich possibilities that your present moment holds. My approach is non-religious,and hocus-pocus free. Many of my clients have found this to be the “missing link” in their total wellness plans, and have reported an overall feeling that goes beyond a simple workout.

I am trained in Vini Yoga, which concentrates on individual application according to need. I am also trained in Hatha Yoga, and currently teach classes at American Family Fitness in Williamsburg on Fridays, at 10:35am (GENTLE YOGA).



Blissful Yoga    5:30pm Mondays Starting in July

Small classes of 6-8 people allow for a deeper practice of yoga, including gentle Hatha poses and passive Thai Stretch.   This combination of active and passive practice will leave you feeling open, restored, and blissful.


Wear loose, comfortable clothing.  Advanced registration is a must, as space is limited.


10-PACK of classes $150.00

Body Ease Fitness Class                    2pm Wednesdays   Summer 2014

A blend of low-impact, light weights, yoga, and passive Thai Massage, this class is perfect for the adult over 60 who would like to stay active and restore.

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