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I provide a blend of highly personalized wellness programming for individuals, couples, families, and groups that includes elements of life coaching, personal training, nutrition coaching, yoga therapy, and massage therapy.  At this time, I offer home training, single and group in-studio training, and very small classes.

     My services are unique in that they focus on creating personal wellness solutions that go beyond the typical hour of one-on-one training that you might find in a gym or fitness center. 

I take a very small number of clients in order to provide exceptional service and support, and I only work with those who are sincerely committed to adhering to their plan.  I do not offer quick solutions, nor am I interested in keeping up with fitness fads.  My goal is to help you establish a lasting, sustainable wellness lifestyle that you can keep.





Suspend your Disbelief!  Fly with Aerial Yoga.




An entirely unique group bodywork and yoga experience.




The benefits of massage and bodywork are simply amazing.



Nutrition Coaching

Not just what to eat, but strategy for actually making it happen in your day to day life.



Personal Training

A different approach to fitting the right kinds and amounts of movement into your day.




Develop a yoga practice that enhances your life and brings you more joy.



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Yoga Class Passes 10 for $150 & Specialty Class Passes 10 for $200

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