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Another lovely client that I adore recently expressed that she found bubble baths to be unappealing. She felt like they were “huge wastes of time basking in your own disgusting sweat.”

I nearly died laughing, but then, cue the blog post.

freaking love Bubble Baths. They are pure decadence to me, but much like the perception that massage can be foo-foo, I think that the bubble-bath confusion bears clearing up too.

There are some pretty hip health benefits from making this a regular practice, so read on.


Hot water vasodilates your skin, which happens to be your most prominent and more essential organ. Sweating and steaming allow the skin to clean itself thoroughly. Since your body is one great big toxin filter, keeping your skin sparkly clean helps the rest of you stay that way too. Your entire system will thank you.

Tip #1: Get a tall tumbler of ICE WATER and sip it throughout, replacing the fluid you are sweating out of your pores with fresh water. Add lemon. Get crazy. Despite what you see in glamour magazine, do not drink wine or anything other than pure H2O. It will just dehydrate you further. And are you sitting in your sweat? Well, maybe, but with the right bath products, all that goes right down the drain with the rest of you left all sparkly- clean and moisturized. Taaa-daaa!


If you are sore from overdoing, nothing beats a hot bath for working out the kinks. Soaking in the heat helps get into those hard-to-reach places like your joints and deeper bellies of the muscle. 

TIP #2: Add Epsom Salts for extra relaxing benefits.  Dr. Teal’s Scented Epson Salts line is one of my favorites and can be found virtually in any grocery store. From time to time, I also offer bath products at The Inspire Studio that are wonderfully scented and have lots of yummy oils in them.

Even though I’ve heard fierce debate over whether or not the magnesium in the salts crosses the skin barrier, I think we can all file it under “who cares” because the net result is so yummy. Also, being horizontally submerged in water can make you feel a little like you’ve moved back into the womb. It completely removes gravity from your joints and spine and feels nurturing and decompressing to most. Try a nice peppermint bath to invigorate or a lavender bath to unwind deeply.

Get crazy and take a peppermint-lavender bath. Alchemy is everything.


Taking a hot bath before bed can significantly enhance the depth of your sleep experience. Who wouldn’t sleep deeply after being enveloped in warm water with dreamy aromatic bubbles? Heaven knows there’s a bottomless well of accessorizing you can do there. You can start by trying a delicious artisan INSPIRE bath bomb, soap, or lotion available in the studio. Try a lovely lavender, peppermint, or lemon scent with notes of citrus to whisk you away. Speaking of dreamy, good aromatherapy is truly calming to the brain and body.  

TIP#3: Take a hot bath before bed, but finish by stepping into a quick and shallow cool bath just for your feet before you climb into the sheets.  Another alternative is to drain your bathwater and then run cool water over your feet just before you get out. In yogic philosophy, this prepares your nervous system for deeper relaxation before sleep. I always have great dreams when I do this, but try it for yourself!


“Between sacking cities, Olaf takes time for a decadent bubble bath”

Heat, combined with the incredible power of cold, can effectively deal with pain (check this lady out!) Pain spots can result from elevated histamine and lactic acid in the body that chemically results in what feels like bunches of little knots. An often effective pain management technique is to take a hot bath and then follow it with a cold or cool shower. The warm bath vasodilates the skin, while the sudden cold provides vasoconstriction. This action can create a systemic “flush” that can move those pesky trapped chemicals along. Plus, you’ll end up totally Viking-tough, and that’s even more important if you want to show off at Viking mixers. Speaking of Vikings (according to 23 & Me, “my people”), read more here about why the practice of cold hydrotherapy can be ridiculously healing.


You can try the following technique for a profoundly relaxing experience: Hop in a hot bath for about 15 minutes, then hop in a cold shower for 5…then hop back into the hot bath.

You will feel like you are Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole.

**Now. Here comes the disclaimer for this particular one: If you are prone to syncope (fainting), have active heart disease, if you are on medications that make you dizzy, or if there is any reason your doctor might night like this idea at all, don’t do it. But I love it, think it feels fabulous, and would presume that it’s probably fantastic for the skin and capillaries for most generally healthy adults. It’s also considerably cheaper than LSD but feels completely trippy.


I have a theory. People that take regular bubble baths are just generally fabulous. We don’t get too worked up about world events because, hey, there’s always that bath coming later. Crazy In-laws? Bath. Have we lost an Amazon package? There’s a bubble bath for that too.

Baths can be your mini-oasis away from life’s nutty side, and you can use it to build resilience against all of the shenanigans out there.

TIP#4: Set up your personal bath library, of literally whatever you find fun and interesting to read and get lost in it. Have fun with a bubble blower. Listen to your favorite music. Set up your Ipad and watch your favorite SOAPS while taking your bath.

“SOAPS”?**see what I did there? Hilarious.

Personally, there is no bath that I take that lasts under 45 minutes, even in August. That is not including that massive amount of foo-foo I do beforehand, like face, hair masks, magazine and candle prep, etc. I bathe in rich, luxurious scented oils and bubbles because it feels decadent. I bathe (in both hot and cold!) because it keeps me pain-free and helps me sleep like a baby.  I bathe because it keeps my skin and vascular system in tippy-top shape, but mostly I bathe because it’s simply good clean fun.

I’d love to hear your thoughts below on the amazing power of bubble baths and hydrotherapy!

Yours In Good Health,

Anna Bennett,
MS, LMT, Owner of The Inspire Studio