What Are People Saying About Me?

“The boys and I have a new perspective on fitness!”

                        “We were fortunate to be teamed up with Anna, a personal trainer with a great smile and an even greater ability to motivate.  She had an immense task ahead of her-getting us to change bad habits and maintain an exercise routine was no joke!  Anna has a remarkable blend of knowledge, enthusiasm, and creativity wrapped around the heart of a drill sergeant.  No matter how difficult the task, with humor and encouragement she would get us through the tough workouts.  At last count, we have lost a combined 65 lbs., and are preparing for our first 5k.  The boys and I have a whole new perspective on fitness and a strong foundation to build upon.  Thank you, Anna!”    

                                                                                                                                             -Greg Spryn & Sons

“I loved the personal attention, and how she made me feel after a workout!”

                         “Anna’s style is truly unique.  I’ve worked with 2 trainers previously, but never felt like I got the personal attention that I needed until working with her.  The stretching/massage at the end of a hard workout is incredible.  That alone is worth all the hard work!” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                               -Danita Atlee

After years of yo-yoing, Anna finally helped me get real!”

                         “She really cares, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s wicked smart about fitness either.  She is realistic, but still pushes you to your max.  I like that it’s not about getting skinny, but about getting healthy.  This was a whole new perspective for me after years of dieting and feeling horrible. I have probably lost and gained over a hundred pounds in the last 10 years since having my twins.  I never felt great about myself before, but having the baby weight on me left me feeling totally defeated.  Anna showed me how to get my shopping list in order, and even went so far as to help me create a cache of quick and easy meals that I can fix and freeze.  This was  the missing piece for me-how to make it fit into my busy life.  I’ve lost over 27 lbs., have my energy back, and can finally keep up with my little ones.  Most of all, I think I actually like myself now, because I know for a fact I can do it now.  Thanks so much, Anna.”    

                                                                                                                                                                                                       -Suzanne McCallaster

 “It’s amazing how far you can go…”

                         “My wife Ginny & I are typical regarding how our physiques “matured” after college.  Ginny maintained her athletic shape until she had two kids and hit 40.  My waist expanded year after year.  By age 24, I had become a Type I, insulin-depended diabetic.  That’s when we met Anna, who was a trainer at B-Defined in Newtown.  With Anna’s challenging yet motivational workouts and our talks about healthy eating, Ginny and I made our weight-loss goals-65 lbs. combined-in time for our 30-year college reunion in October!  We have been so transformed that in December, we ran the Christmas Town Dash 8k, and then the Shamrock Half Marathon.  Anna did more than just design our workout routine-she took the time to understand our lifestyle, identify what was holding us back, and focused on what actually motivated us.  She challenged our limits, held us accountable, and somehow…almost magically, even became a friend!  If you want to get into great shape, work with Anna.  You’ll be glad you did!” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                -Larry & Ginny Tonneson

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