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Thai Massage is a truly unique and beautiful art of dancing with the body to connect, heal, and restore.  An entire world of therapeutic value is added through mobilizing movements and manipulations that don't exist in most other forms of massage.  It's one of the most practical systems as well, offering clients the convenience of not having to worry about oils, lotions, or undressing.  I have recieved training all over the world, and have studied primarily through the Vedic Conservatory (U.S.) and the Sunshine House (Thailand, Greece, & Portugal).  The style I offer is both deeply effective and suprisingly soothing compared to traditional asian methods.  I have often had to gently awaken some clients to let them know that their appointment has ended!  When you are finished, you should feel a combination of incredibly refreshed, energized, open, and rejuvinated.

If comparing theThai Massage to the benefits of table massage, I would have to say that you truly get to take the benefits of Thai massage well beyond the session itself.  It can restructure your whole posture, correcting imbalances, and it can free up energy/fluid movement throughout your whole body in ways that are unique.


Can heal Plantar Fasciitis             Sore and Tight Backs & Necks
Can heal Sciatica                          Deeply Sooths the Nervous System
Deepens your Yoga Practice        Improves Sports Performance 
Greatly enhances Mobility            Improves Digestion
Keeps the Spine Supple               Opens and Frees the Hips
Improves Balance                         Boosts Energy Beautifully
Drives Circulation                          Keeps you Youthfully Mobile


Try Thai Yoga Massage!



75 min                    $100
 1 hr 45 mins           $150
2 hrs 15 mins          $200

Cash & Checks Only


75 min           $100


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