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One of the quickest ways to get my clients going “oooooohhhh-aaaahhhhhhhh” is to start working on the feet first.  Your feet are like tiny little roadmaps to the whole body.  Since most of my former career choices had me firmly rooted in mainstream, science-based Western Medicine, I used to think that the notion of working with the organs through the feet was a bunch of bunk.  However, like so many things I used to chalk up as total baloney, I have become a little more open-minded.

It makes a certain kind of sense.

Your nerves, like veins and arteries, branch from the spine and run throughout the body like a zillion-foot stretch of yarn, converging at certain places (called a “nerve plexus”) much like freeway entry/exits on a super-highway.  The feet, palms, scalp, armpits, groin, and abdomen can feel much more intense for this reason, and can also get pretty wadded up when over-stressed for prolonged periods of time.  Getting in there and stimulating these areas can do wonders for relaxing you, and even with relaxing parts that seem far away from the feet themselves.  The whole body is actually a single unit, and ideally, when working with improving your health you want to view it from a holistic and synergistic vantage.

Yarn, Wool, Ball, Crochet, Knitting

Would I try to heal liver disease with a foot massage?  Nope.  But relaxing the entire body deeply is only helpful and supportive for literally everything.  And frankly, if something that feels so great is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Stop by the Studio, and let’s give those feet a break.  In the meantime, sip on some tea and enjoy watching someone else deeply relax as their feet are kneaded and destressed with the video link at the top of this blog post.


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