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“I Provide a Nurturing Space For Women Over 50 to Build Empowered Minds, Balanced Bodies, and Joyful Spirits So That They Can Live Active, Pain-Free Lives.”

YOThai is a completely unique combination of gentle yoga, Mobility Bodywork, and Meditation that is synergized to create maximum well-being.  Small groups of only four to six women follow a systematic gentle yoga practice that builds core strength and employs certain pranayamas to build strength and balance.  In between passive mobility bodywork is delivered from head to toe to deepen the practice and poses, creating freer, more open joints.  Finally, the class allows total integration through deep, restorative lying or seated meditation.

This original practice sequence was originally developed and led here at The Inspire Studio by Anna.  This practice is offered through a flat monthly membership rate.  It offers incredibly restorative and life-affirming possibilities for those who attend regularly.  The yoga piece offers flow to the body, improved circulation, and non-impact attention to strengthening at the most foundational levels.  The Mobility Bodywork is applied in between active postures, to offer all of the benefits of massage and deeper but still gentle opening of the joints and muscle systems.  Finally, the benefits of meditation are legion, but I think it’s a piece that is so often missed in modern, Americanized yoga.  Some of the major studies that showed a reversal in heart disease, also included yoga and meditation in the patient arms (yet, interestingly, diet seemed to have received most of the credit).  Traditionally, yoga is practiced for the primary purpose of allowing the body to sit and explore deeper levels of meditative states.  When deep silence is applied at the end of this total practice, true magic is allowed to happen.  Deeper restoration can be achieved, creating endless possibilities for elevation of mind, body, and spirit.  

“Why Are Only Women Permitted to Join A YOThai Practice?”

Perhaps someday I’ll offer a CO-ED YOThai offering, but for now I prefer to offer a completely safe space for women to let down their guard, receive respectful touch, and practice in a community of other women.  When you join a regular practice, it will generally be with the same, continuous group of ladies.  Many of us have been practicing for years together, and invite you to experience the community we have created.

What Do I Wear To A YOThai Class?

Regular, comfortable yoga wear is ideal.  Whatever you choose, please make sure you can stretch easily and that you feel comfortable.  Looser, baggier pants can be more comfortable and aerating than tighter clothing, but again it’s up to you.  You will practice on a soft, comfortable mat vs a traditional yoga mat.  It’s absolutely yummy and nurturing.

If I Can Only Attend Some But Not All Of The Practices In A Month, Can I still Join?

Priority will be given to those who make a monthly commitment through their membership fee. They are in essence, “owning” a space for the month.  If a yogini cannot make it, I can offer up that mat to a drop-in fee of $35.   However, with only four to six spaces, one could be taking a chance that a mat will be available, so reserve for the month when possible!

How Can I Attend YOThai While COVID19 Restrictions Are Still In Place?  How Can I Feel Safe With Group Bodywork?

1. The Inspire Studio Is Kept Spicky-Spacky Clean

Doorknobs, chairs, surfaces, etc. are all wiped hourly with Clorox.  The floor is vacuumed daily, a HEPA filter runs constantly during business hours, all participants must have a mask (*although during practice it is optional), temperatures can be checked, Practices are limited to four people max and will offer significant spacing between yoginis, purell is available for all participants, and all mats have changeable, moisture-proof liners that are laundered between all Yogini use.  That being said, our very best protection is being asymptomatic (no sneezing/coughing), wearing masks, and keeping the group small and consistent.

2. Would I Even Want to Take a Chance? What Are The Benefits Vs. Risks?

Only you can make that decision for yourself and for those around you that may be at a higher risk of death or debilitation from COVID19.  However, the risks are kept to a minimum and may be even less than a trip to the grocery store.  This crisis has presented a very high level of stress and a feeling of disconnection for many that carry other inherent risks.  Touch, bodywork, yoga, and meditation are absolutely healing and can play a vital role in self-care.  Recently, two hairdressers who were not only COVID19 positive, but who were also symptomatic, cut around 140 people’s hair.  They wore masks, and followed sanitary procedures.  Not a single client reported infection. You decide what risks you are willing to assume for yourself and for your loved one.

3. Every Effort Will Be Made To Keep Your Practice Safe, and If It Becomes Potentially Unsafe, We'll Nix It Immediately.

YOThai is a powerful combination of Gentle but Strengthening Yoga Asanas, Passive Mobility Bodywork, and Deep Meditation.
If you or your loved ones are at a risk level that you are comfortable with, this practice can be powerfully healing and life-affirming for you as we pass through this difficult time for our Nation and our World.  Practicing yoga strengthens the immune system and empowers the spirit.

NOTE: Although this practice offers limited space, I would love for you to give it a try!  A drop-in fee is available for you to experience your first YOThai Practice, without committing to the monthly membership.