Completely unique and originally developed by Anna, this opportunity is like no other to open and release the body.  If you have been practicing yoga and wish to expand your experience, or if you want enjoy the simply amazing benefits of assisted therapeutic stretch, this yoga bodywork session is for you. 

It's a head to toe yoga class + Thai massage for just $25 (four people min), making receiving regular bodywork incredibly affordable!  Pairs YOThai is also available for $50/each, and a Trio is $35/each.


**This completely unique format of group bodywork is done nearly entirely on the floor, so you will need be capable of getting up and down once.  All adults are welcome, and especially encouraged is the healthy mature adult who wants to continue moving freely and well.


Q:  What should I wear for the class?

A:  Wear the cutest yoga clothes you can find!  Or the least expensive. Whichever makes you most comfortable and gets you in the least amount of trouble shopping.


Q:  How much does a class cost?

A:  This 75-min yoga/bodywork session is offered for a mere $25 a session, and an RSVP is required to hold your spot since there are only six cushy mats available. 

Take a moment to fully absorb the idea that you can get regular weekly bodywork for the price of most single massages.  **Cue the confetti! 



 Q:  You say I need to RSVP?  I can't just show up?

A:  Yep, need that RSVP!  There are two reasons for this.  Because you are recieving touch/bodywork, there will be initial paperwork, a liability release, and a brief discussion around your overall health.  Also, if you just show up unannounced, you run the risk of not finding a mat available...a sad vision of watching other people recieve delicious Thai Massage while you weep quietly in a corner.
Do not let this be you.

RSVP by calling, texting (575-585-5981, Anna the Owner) or emailing to check availability.

Q:  What if there is no mat available?

A:  Well shoot!  Don't let that be an excuse to not get bodywork!  This is a great time to schedule a pricier, yet far more wonderful private Thai Massage Session. 
In the immortal words of Miss are worth it!

Q:  If I have some buddies and we want to form our own class, is this possible?

A: Well sure!  Provided that the 75 mins falls within my EST business hours and you have at least three friends that aren't weirdos, I'm game!  

Q:  What kinds of benefits can I expect from consistent participation?

A:  Ohhhhh I don't know...maybe you'll just WALK AROUND FEELING FANTASTIC AND HANDLING LIFE BETTER than ever before!!  I have had bodies start out stiff, crunchy, and achey only to begin noticing in just one to two sessions that they are moving significantly better, feeling better, and generally doing better than ever before.  Years of YOThai have entirely changed other bodies to be far more resilient, supple, and mindful.  Not to mention the intangible side-benefit of the commeraderie, yogic wisdom, and generally good life advice that seems to arise like popcorn when great people gather in a single room.

But don't just take it from me.  Check out what regular participants think!

“Anna Bennett’s Thai Yoga Massage classes are unlike any other yoga class I’ve ever taken. Gentle yoga combined with passive stretches provided by Anna in these small, very personalized, classes have increased my flexibility rapidly, improved my balance and my strength, given me insight and understanding into my particular “stuck” places, and leave me feeling somehow relaxed and energized all at once. Anna’s positive spirit and gentle encouragement make for an addictive (in the best possible way!) healing and rejuvenating environment.”  
-Laurin W.


Anna Bennett's Thai Yoga Class is the best yoga class I've ever had. I love this class. I've been doing yoga for years. I've had great classes in the past, but nothing compares with Anna's class. The combination of yoga and massage is VERY special, and as the description claims "blissful." The class has greatly increased my flexibility, energy, and overall sense of well-being.”   
-Phyllis H.



“I wanted to find a yoga class that would help balance out my training.  I am a triathlete who trains hard in my 3 disciplines.  I found this when I first took a class with Anna.  I wanted an experience that wasn’t focused on a workout, but rather, how to slow down and give my body a break.  Restorative yoga and Anna’s special Thai massage blend gives my body the chance to stretch and lengthen in ways I can’t do on my own, and it’s keeping me injury-free.  I love her classes, and all abilities can benefit.”

 -Connie Glueck, Triathlete, mom extraordinaire



**This fusion of Thai Bodywork, massage, and gentle yoga was originally created by Anna Bennett, MS.  It is only found at the Inspire Studio, here in Williamsburg, VA in it's original and complete form.  And yes...I'm including this because it's already been copied without credit.  Nice.  That's what happens when a good idea gets out there!



Ready to Schedule a Session?

The Inspire Studio
907 Richmond Rd

Williamsburg, VA 23185


757 585-5981


Have questions? Please contact me.

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